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The highly competitive tobacco market represented tremendous growth potential to Mr. Maddi Lakshmaiah. Foreseeing the demand for Quality Indian tobacco, a long term strategy was formulated. Right from it’s inception, the company adhered to international standards and made rapid inroads into global tobacco markets. A sophisticated threshing plant of international standards was commissioned in 1976. Being the first in India, it created a revolution in tobacco processing and led to a huge upsurge in demand. This led to the commissioning of second modern plant with threshers, redryers and other sophisticated equipment for the processing of Quality tobaccos. 

ML Group has taken its credo of total Quality to the furthest. Whether in the Quality of process, products or working conditions for the vast workforce, the farsighted innovations of Mr. Maddi Lakshmaiah have given the group a Strong edge. The personal involvement of the directors in all aspects of the Business has resulted in high Quality operational parameters. The company can proudly claim some of the most skilled work force and a highly efficient management, people who have contributed significantly to the pre-eminent position the company holds today. The company has earned recognition from apex institutions and is a recognized leader in tobacco markets the world over. The Quantum growth of MLCO., spurred investment in infrastructure and diversification into other businesses.

Under the umbrella of ‘ML Group’ the various companies have an annual turnover of Rs. 1700 Million and an asset base of Rs. 12 Billion. A real estate development wing was set up to develop and lease commercial properties with working environments that rival the best internationally. 


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